Are you weighing up your options on a solar battery installation? Here are some key points to help you evaluate whether solar batteries are suitable for your home or business:

1) Do you use most of your power during the day or night?

One of the quickest and easiest ways to evaluate investing in solar batteries is to determine when you are utilising your power. Often people who are home during the day and use the majority of their power during these daylight hours are able to offset their usage with power being generated by the solar system during the day.

Homes or businesses that use the majority of their power during the evening or night are able to much more easily justify investing in solar batteries due to the fact that batteries enable the storage of excess solar power generated during the daylight hours, subsequently providing a return on investment.

While this is a simple test it is often one of the first questions your local Solar Electrician will ask when enquiring about solar battery systems and is a handy way of checking whether your situation may provide for the best opportunity to gain a return of investment in solar batteries.

2) Is your existing solar system compatible with a battery upgrade?

Many people have solar installed on their home or business premises but few realise that their existing system may not actually be compatible with batteries.

If you have an existing solar system, your first step is to contact your Solar Electrician and have them advise you of whether or not solar batteries are even compatible with your existing system.

Even in situations where a solar system isn’t currently compatible with batteries, there are options to retrofit certain systems with integration hardware so regardless of whether your system is currently equipped for batteries, it’s always worth having a conversation with your Electrician about your options.

3) What size battery do you require to achieve your energy storage goals?

From our 1.2kWh Enphase AC Batteries to our 13.5 kWh Tesla Powerwall batteries, there is a large range of battery brands, sizes, and price points.

How do we know which size suits us best? In the example above where ‘night power’ consumption accounts for the majority of overall power usage in a home or business, we would need to calculate what the likely consumption is across the entire night. In this example, the idea is that the battery is being sized to cover all night power consumption and allow the daily solar charge stored in the battery during the day to carry the property and its electrical appliances through each night.

The reality is that individual budgets and use cases mean that finding the right battery, or whether or not batteries are suitable at all, is not that simple. Contact your PV-Electrician to discuss your situation and evaluate if batteries are right for you.

4) Possibility of Federal Government Grants for Solar Batteries

The Federal Opposition (Labor) has recently announced plans to introduce solar battery subsidies should they win the next election.

While we don’t think its smart to speculate too much on political promises, its worth noting that the bulk of government activity in the solar space seems to be moving towards a focus on storage and battery subsidies (see the Northern Territories ‘Home and Business Battery Scheme’ providing $6,000 for batteries).

One important consideration may be that now could be the best time to utilise both the current government subsidies scheme to install a solar system that is battery-ready as well as then potentially capitalising on the battery subsidy scheme if/when they come to fruition.


There is a lot of talk about solar batteries, their predicted future prices, potential upcoming government subsidies etc. but often the best path forward is to simply contact your local, qualified PV-Electrician to discuss your personal or business situation and allow them to provide a detailed proposal that suits your needs and use case.

As qualified local Electricians, Solar Systems Cairns can offer an inspection and personalised quote to help you understand the options and costs available on a new solar battery system for your home or business.

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